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By putting your trust in us to support your son throughout his career, we will ensure that he is given the best advice to allow him to end his rugby career mortgage-free and with a high-wealth savings portfolio and image rights company, if his earnings allow it and he listens and takes the sound advice from our team of professional advisers, following :


  • Tax Adviser and Image Rights Accountant

  • Wealth Management Adviser

  • Mortgages and Insurance cover

  • Permanent Total Disablement (PTD) Insurance & Salary Reimbursement Policies

  • Private Banking

Rugby Game


We can assure you that our legal professionals also make a team of highly-qualified, experienced people, who have dealt at the top end of sport for many years, both during negotiations and disputes. They will ensure that high-value contracts are expedited to your son’s best interests, and will be on hand for any legal issues or disputes which may occur during his career:


  • Sports Lawyer (Contract Negotiations)

  • Sports Resolutions Barrister (Disputes)

Rugby Tackle


In order to keep at the top of his game during his career, we have a very strong team of support professionals who will be ready help your son in most instances. Our Speed Coach is a former Olympic champion, and will undertake one-to-one sessions with your son, when he is at the top professional level, to ensure he stays there and keeps ahead of his competitors. A gain of half-a-yard in pace, can make all the difference at the very highest levels. Specialist one-to-one coaching on specific technical aspects of a players’ performance are also available to supplement the ‘team coaching’ undertaken at the player’s club, as is the promotion of strength, power, stability and speed. At the very top level, we also have a high -performance specialist, who has headed-up the University College Berkeley California Athletics Department and the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sport, as High-Performance Director, and is a 3-time Olympian.


  • Speed Coach

  • High Performance Architect & Elite Performance Coach

  • Fitness and Conditioning Coach

  • Human Performance Specialist

  • Nutritionist

  • Podiatrist

There will also be times in any sports career when a player gets injured, unfortunately. Although the club will employ staff to get your son back playing as soon as possible, the extra support from our injury, rehabilitation and physiotherapist specialists can aid that process. This will give him an advantage over his competitors:


  • Sports Injury, Rehabilitation and Process Consultant

  • Sports Physiotherapist



Being in the public eye and taking criticism, as well as receiving accolades from people, can be stressful and difficult to deal with, for many people. Sometimes, the general public forgets that the people they watch on television are still only human and have human frailties. It is vital that support is in place from professionals who know how to help. We have access to three of the best people in this field:


  • Sports Psychologist

  • Psychological Fitness Specialist

  • Life Coach

Rugby Scrum


Professional sports careers are short – 10 to 12 years, so it is important your son thinks of his future. If he makes it at the very top level, then he would have made enough money to take care of his future financially. This may not be fulfilling enough for him, though, and he may wish to keep busy and become involved in the media. We have an experienced trainer, formerly of the BBC, who can help prepare him for that time.


If that line of work is not appealing, but he wishes to start on the after-dinner/Q&A circuit, then we have someone who is best placed to help find the right opportunities. He can also source TV appearances on reality shows, if your son becomes a big enough personality in his own right through his rugby ability.


Some players may wish to change career completely or turn to coaching. Our education specialist would have already met and spoken with your son well-before his career has ended, in order to make sure he is trained and educated in his chosen second-career in advance of his rugby retirement:


  • Media Trainers

  • Media Agent

  • Athlete, Career & Education Adviser

Rugby Tackle

“When it's too hard for them it's just right for us!”

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